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Norrgård is situated on an island in Nauvo in the middle of Turku archipelago. It is only an hour away from Turku and the journey includes a free sea trip on the car-ferry from the mainland.

Norrgård cottages lie quite near The Archipelago Trail and are therefore the perfect base for backpackers, cyclers and archipelago explorers.

Beach with waterline cliffs

Holiday cottage

Over-night Cabin

Birch against sunset at sea

Our humble cottages lie on a western slope, close to the sea. They were buildt in the 70´s by old grandpa and placed in the middle of the peaceful wilderness. Here the finnish magic still rules. By leaving as much as possible of the surrounding unspoiled we hope to provide a genuine atmosphere and a real closeness to the nature for our guests.

We also have small cabins for overnight stays or for the low budget traveller situated high up on the hilltop near a magnificent view.

Pine forest

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